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Duties and Responsibilities

The Assessor is charged with several administrative and statutory duties. The primary duty and responsibility is to assess all real property within the Assessor's jurisdiction except that which is otherwise provided by law. This would include residential, multi-residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural classes of property.


Real property is revalued every two years. The effective date of the assessment is January first of each year. The Assessor determines a full or partial value for all new construction and improvements depending upon their state of completion as of that January first date


The Assessor is concerned with value, not taxes. Taxing jurisdictions such as schools, cities and county, adopt budgets after public hearings. This determines the tax levy, which is the rate of taxation required to raise the money budgeted.


The taxes you pay are proportional to the value of your property compared to the total value of property in your taxing district.

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Assessor Contact Information

Monroe County Courthouse 

10 Benton Ave East
Albia, Iowa 52531

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Phone Number: 641-932-2180​​​​​​​  
Fax Number: 641-932-5905

Assessor: Randy Noe

Chief Deputy: Brian Glosser

Deputy Assessor: Travis Kaster

Field Appraiser: Carolyn Haselhuhn